WEEKAWAY: What is Tapas?

Just steps from the shores of Elkhart Lake, the Paddock Club’s atmosphere of European sophistication and elegance fits right in with the town’s vibrant downtown area. On Tuesday evenings, the restaurant serves a special tapas menu, highlighting some of executive chef Lynn Chisholm’s most flavorful creations.

What is tapas?

Tapas-style dining originated in the bars and taverns of Spain, where servers would cover glasses of sweet sherry with slices of bread or salted Spanish ham to minimize spills as they carried large trays to patrons. Since customers loved these small snacks, bar owners began to offer more and more selections of increasing complexity. Tapas dishes are small and savory, and they can be served either warm or cold.

How do I order tapas?

When dining tapas-style, you can order as many or as few plates as you like. Tapas is perfect for social occasions, since your group can sample a wide selection of dishes to please everyone’s palate without ordering too much food. Tuesday’s tapas night at the Paddock Club is the perfect chance to try new dishes and experience flavors that you have never tasted before.

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