Exploring the Chicago tradition of Italian beef sandwiches

The Italian beef sandwich is a mouthwatering culinary masterpiece that shines in its simplicity. A basic Italian beef sandwich contains nothing more than thinly sliced beef marinated in its own juices, slowly simmered gravy and hearty bread to absorb the delectable juice. The final product might be dressed up with sweet peppers or Italian-style pickles, but little else is needed to make these sandwiches absolutely perfect. 

Origins of Italian Beef

Like any significant culinary creation, the Italian beef sandwich has a hotly debated history with several origin stories. However, the staff at Serrelli’s Finer Foods is confident that the store’s founders were behind the creation of the sandwich in 1934. As a product of the Great Depression, the sandwich helped to stretch any quantity of beef further with thin slices and fresh beef juice.

An exclusive Chicago tradition

Any Chicago native will tell you that restaurants outside of the Chicagoland area simply do not offer real Italian beef on their menus, but there are ways to get your fix if you are not in the city. While there are regional variations that may be similar, there is no match for Chicago-made Italian beef. Luckily, Serrelli’s ships their tasty products around the country so that hungry Chicago natives can have a taste of home while away from home.

A new face for a classic product

When you are in Chicago, visit Serrelli’s Finer Foods at their newly updated store on North Ave. Serrelli’s has been in this location for 32 years of their 80-year history. This tradition of excellence continues with the store’s current owner – Patti Serrelli. For a delicious taste of Chicago, stop by Serrelli’s at 6454 W North Ave. or call 773-237-7530.

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